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HALLOWEEN MAKEUP TIPS…But don’t forget to wash it off!

HALLOWEEN MAKEUP TIPS…But don’t forget to wash it off!

The secret to great makeup looks is great skincare – whether you’re getting ready for a big presentation, date night or even Halloween. And, of course, when we say great skincare, we’re talking about natural skincare products from Privai!  In other words, you may want to use a hydrating skin care masque before you put on your Halloween mask! 


The folks at Pop Sugar talked to makeup artists to get some Halloween makeup tips. 

Specifically, they were looking for makeup hacks that will save you money – and possibly a trip to the store!

Here’s our favorite Halloween makeup hack:


“You could go to your local Halloween superstore and buy bottles of liquid blood, or you could use things already in your makeup kit for DIY gore that’s free,” Pop Sugar reports. “Shave off a bit of red lipstick. Mix in a creamy black eyeliner and finish with a dollop of thick, clear lip gloss. If you want brighter blood, add more lipstick. For a deeper, dried-blood hue, add in more liner.”

One last bit of advice: “Apply the thick blood mixture using the end of your makeup brush, which is easier to wipe clean than the bristles.”


And at the end of the night – no matter how tired you are – be sure to wash your makeup off.  And that goes for date night as well as Halloween! There’s a big difference between wanting to look scary because it’s Halloween and looking a little scary because you didn’t take care of yourself and your skin. 

Don’t worry, with our Gentle Foaming Cleanser, it will be quick and easy. Enhanced with Aloe Vera and Oat Protein to soothe and hydrate the skin, this foaming facial cleanser gently and effectively washes away dirt, oil and impurities. And it’s perfect for all skin types.

You may want dark circles under your eyes if you’re dressing up as a zombie for Halloween, but you won’t want to look that way when you get up in the morning – any morning! Of course, we all have mornings when we’re not quite at our best (there’s no need to go into details about what we did last Friday night, but trust us we know). When you’re having one of those days, it’s even more important to care for yourself with nourishing products that will help replenish and renew your skin. A little Skin Brightening Serum will help to restore your glow, too.

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