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With the best skin care products, you can enjoy feeling like you’re at the spa at home

Christina Stratton and Ilana Alberico, the founders of Privai, are spa developers and spa consultants. As Christina says, they are also business partners, best friends, mothers, teachers and wives. “We are dedicated to women feeling empowered and feeling important and taking that moment, that small amount of time that we barely let ourselves take,” she explains. “Privai meant that to us.”

The highly successful pair launched Privai with three goals in mind:

  • To create a line of naturally inspired skin care products that was made with quality natural ingredients.
  • To develop a line of nourishing products that would produce incredible results.
  • To provide guests with a spa-in-a-bottle!

Working with a team of their top aestheticians and massage therapists, they developed Privai – using the treatment rooms at Spatheology, their innovative spa in Asheville, North Carolina, as a focus group.  Thousands of facials were performed with the new skincare products and thousands of spa guests were asked for their feedback as the dream to develop the best skin care and body care products took shape.


Smell is such a powerful sense – it has the ability to evoke memories and transport us to former times and places. As Rachel Carson, a conservationist and the groundbreaking author of Silent Spring, once remarked, “For the sense of smell, almost more than any other, has the power to recall memories and it is a pity that we use it so little.”

Christina and Ilana set out to right that wrong and to tap into that power so that their spa guests would be able to relive the pleasures of their spa experience when they were at home.  Thus, creating what they call a spa-in-a-bottle.

“In sourcing the ingredients to formulate Privai, we searched the earth for the highest quality botanicals,” Ilana says. “Some of our botanicals are wild-harvested some are organic. In sourcing our ingredients, we’ve maintained an ethical approach to sourcing. We’re very conscious of making sure that the sourcing of our botanicals is done in a sustainable fashion. We also give back to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature every year, a portion of our profits and by doing so we hope to preserve the planet’s botanicals that are currently in danger that we gain so much inspiration from.”

They even found the name of their new product line in nature. One of the botanicals with efficacious properties is called priva auricoccea. It is an endangered variety of lemon verbena that grows in Namibia and Morocco.

By blending therapeutic essential oils, Privai taps into the mind’s ability to translate scents into memories and emotions. Privai’s naturally inspired face and body oils provide inspiration and harmony as well as exceptional skin care.

  • Nourishing Face & Body Oil is enriched with chamomile, geranium and lavender to soothe, balance and hydrate.
  • The Anti Aging Face & Body Oil is enriched with rose, ylang ylang and carrot carrier oil to increase circulation, boost cellular renewal and hormonal balance.
  • Pink grapefruit, frankincense, lemon and myrrh are used in the Clarifying Face & Body Oil to help purify, heal and detoxify skin.

And that’s just the beginning!

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