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At Privai, we believe in wellness for the whole being. Our daily routines require us to play many roles…busy moms, wives, partners, business professionals, caregivers… Privai centers us on one common goal: to inspire and prioritize self-care. Through botanical skincare products, personalized services, and word-class treatments, Privai was founded to harmoniously synchronize the spa and wellness experience.

Ilana Alberico and Christina Stratton began their journey after a chance encounter and an immediate connection. Creating a  business partnership in 2006, co-founding  Innovative Spa Management (ISM). Together the duo has successfully overseen the launch and growth of 20+ Spa properties throughout the US, propelling ISM as a leader amongst spa and wellness management companies.  

Dedicated to lifelong learning and personal wellness for all; their vision for Privai originated with “spa in a bottle” skincare products, designed for accessible luxury relaxation. Privai | Spa + Salon evolved as a greater purpose to serve your body, mind, and sense of self.  Providing a living, breathing spa and salon experience, delivering customized guest experiences, unsurpassed services, rejuvenating treatments with results-driven products. Committed to our guests and community in creating authentic wellness experiences that enrich your whole-being, is the core of who we are.

Christina, a singer/songwriter turned skincare guru, experienced some of the most beautiful spas in the country while touring with her former girl pop group, i5. As a result, she began to grow a deep fondness for the spa industry; the sense of peace, calm, and relaxation of these tranquil environments gave her the necessary reboot needed to survive the crazy whirlwind of the entertainment industry. Christina began learning about the spa industry and skincare, soaking up all information about natural ingredients, formulations, and application, while continuing her music career as a professional songwriter in Los Angeles. 

Ilana, raised in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, came from a holistic household that relied on natural medicine for healing: lavender treated burns, eucalyptus relieved congestion, and the scents of tea tree, lemon, and orange familiarized her with the powerful benefits of aromatherapy at a young age. Growing up with natural remedies paved the way for Ilana’s fascination with healing through massage and natural products, setting her up for a successful career in the spa industry.

Although Christina and Ilana came from two completely different worlds, their vision was the same: to create a brand that speaks to the core essence of mindful living and self-care.

“At Privai, we are committed to enriching the community; while taking great pride and passion in delivering a world-class experience to each guest, by creating personalized services to enhance one’s whole well-being.  We are wanting each person to explore a space that can take care of all their needs: From salon and beauty services, medical spa and body treatments to relaxation and recovery services. We are an inclusive place for beauty + body healing and rejuvenation. We know that no two guests are alike, so it is important to us that we curate each experience to meet each individual’s needs.  Privai is reimagining beauty and redefining the spa | salon experience, ensuring wellness can be realized,”

~Christina Stratton & Ilana Alberico
Founders & Beauty Enthusiasts


It’s our belief that beauty is inspired from the inside out, creating wellness for your whole being.  By delivering personalized world-class experiences and products empowered by expertise, purposeful connections, and our committed passion.

At Privai’s core; We deliver:

Personalized Services

We believe in individuality and being authentic to oneself.  Each experience is customizable to achieve one’s  personal goals for their own well-being

Product Innovation

We develop and use results-driven, botanically inspired products. Creating the ultimate experience in-spa and at home (“spa in a bottle”). Committed to the community and our planet, Privai products are paraben-free, naturally-inspired, vegetarian-friendly, cruelty-free and we never test on animals, hand-crafted and hand-poured in the USA. In addition, we purposefully pair products from like-minded lifestyle brands to meet our guests’ individual needs.

Purposeful Connections

Results-driven, we hold ourselves to the highest standards in our offerings and partnerships, committed to our guests and community, we provide experiences that are both approachable and enriching.


Privai is guided by the passion to make personalized wellness an everyday priority. We are passionate about our beliefs and are mindful of our responsibility to our guests and communities, and commit to the highest level of service to inspire and invoke trust.








We value our planet and feel passionate about the preservation of nature. As ambassadors and cheerleaders of the Blue Beauty Movement, we donate a percentage of our net profit from our product line to the IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN.ORG) to protect nature’s habitat and endangered species.

We are dedicated to the holistic empowerment of women and proudly donate to Women For Women International (www.womenforwomen.org), a passionate organization devoted to enlightening women about their self-worth through education, business skills, and elevating self-esteem. Women are the roots of society and through their strength, families, and communities become more fortified, stable, filled with integrity, and balanced.