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February is a month for roses. One of the most popular flowers with an iconic scent, the skin loves the powerful benefits from rose oil and rose water.

Rose is soothing for sensitive skin, clarifying for congested skin, moisturizing for dry skin, and has calming aromatherapeutic benefits.

Make your own toning Rose Water with this lovely recipe from Organic Authority [http://www.organicauthority.com/organic-gardening/make-your-own-rose-water-elixir-of-the-goddess.html]

What you’ll need:

  • Large pot with lid
  • Heat resistant glass or stainless steel bowl (small enough to fit inside the pot)
  • Ice
  • Water
  • 2-3 quarts of rose petals. They should only be from fully expressed blooms but before the petals have browned. It’s best to pick them just after the morning dew has evaporated, a few hours after sunrise.


Place the petals inside the pot and pour enough water in to cover them. Set the bowl in the center of the pot, with the rim higher than the water by a few inches. If you need to elevate it, use a canning rack or fireplace brick—or something that will not move around in the water.

Cover the pot with the lid flipped upside down, and bring the rose petals to a boil. Once the water is boiling, fill the top of the lid (still flipped) with ice cubes. Reduce the heat to barely a simmer for 2 hours.

Add more ice as needed, checking occasionally to make sure there is still enough water over the petals. If you need to add more, make sure not to get any water in the center bowl.

The condensation from the heat/ice will drip into the bowl leaving a pure rose water. It should make between one pint and one quart of sumptuously fragrant rose water.

You can also find rose in our Anti-Aging Face & Body Oil and Ultra Restore Crème

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