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Skin nourishing products from Privai help create the perfect canvas

Christina Stratton, co-founder of Privai, is a redhead with a fair complexion. That in and of itself can make it challenging to find the right makeup. But regardless of what kind of makeup you use, if you want to look your best you’ll need to prepare your skin, just as an artist would prepare a canvas before beginning to paint.

“Obviously the most important thing to great makeup application is amazing skin care,” Christina says. “You need to take care of your skin prior to applying makeup.  You won’t have a great canvas to work on if you’re not cleansing your face properly or exfoliating and getting rid of a large pore size, which I suffer from because it’s hereditary.  All the pollutants and things that are around enlarge your pores, too.  And, as you get older, it gets a bit harder to make those pores smaller.”

A great face and body skin care regimen can make a world of difference – whether your challenge is pore size or hydration. Privai is about naturally inspired beauty.  “The goal is for everyone to really start to understand what’s in the products they are using on their face,” Christina says.  “You shouldn’t be using things that are toxic. Look for ingredients you’ll feel good about putting on your skin.”

Ingredients like the French Green Clay in Privai’s PHYTO CLAY MASQUE, an amazing skin care masque that protects and purifies as it penetrates pores and stimulates a healthy glow.  Or naturally derived Kojic Acid in our SKIN BRIGHTENING SERUM, which brightens the skin by reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation and discoloration.

She’s proud of the Privai products she and her partner, Ilana Alberico, produce. “My business partner and I developed this line because we are spa developers.  We manage and run spas inside four- and five-diamond hotels and resorts and beautiful boutique day spas.  We couldn’t find a line of skin care products that we liked; a line that was producing incredible results and showing people how to care for their skin.  We wanted products that spa guests would want to take with them when they leave the spa so that they could have that same experience at home and make it part of their routine.”

That’s an important point – when it comes to skin care, the best bet is to establish a routine.

  1. The first step is cleansing. Privai offers sulfate-free cleansers designed to gently remove impurities and makeup, including our Gentle Foaming Cleanser, enhanced with hydrating aloe vera and oat protein, and Sweet Orange Crème Cleanser, which is a fabulous choice for those with combination or oily skin.
  2. Follow that up with a toner, like Privai’s Gentle Mineral Toner, which uses natural chamomile to enhance the elasticity of your skin and ginseng extract to promote a healthy glow. “It’s critical to tone,” Christina says. “Why? It will balance the pH levels of your skin and get them back where they need to be. It’s going to tighten the pores and tighten the skin up a little. It’s also going to be preparing your skin for the serums you’re going to be placing on them.”
  3. Next up is an amazing oil.“My favorite oil – it’s my go-to morning and night – is Privai Anti Aging Oil,” Christina says.  Granted, she is biased but she has solid reasons for her preference.  “The Anti-Aging Oil has carrot oil which is like gold in a bottle.  It’s rich in vitamins, so that’s the main base of this skin nourishing product.”

“Whether you use our products or somebody else’s, I just want you to use the best products that you can on your skin,” Christina says.  “Because how we treat our skin can reflect how we feel about ourselves.  Self-care through skin care – that’s our philosophy.”

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