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The World Bank has made educating girls a strategic development priority around the world. Why? “Better educated women tend to be healthier, participate more in the formal labor market, earn higher incomes, have fewer children, marry at a later age, and enable better health care and education for their children, should they choose to become mothers,” they say. “All these factors combined can help lift households, communities, and nations out of poverty.”

In other words, when you empower women real change is possible.

Women are the heart and soul of our community – and virtually every community around the world.  When women are stronger, families are stronger.  When women are allowed opportunities to grow, communities grow. When women and girls around the world are treated with respect, society will evolve.

Privai, the maker of naturally inspired skincare products, is proud to support the holistic empowerment of women through its support of a wonderful organization called Women For Women International (www.womenforwomen.org).

Form its global headquarters in Washington, D.C., and its offices in New York and London, Women for Women International reaches out to aid women in countries affected by conflict and war. Their mission is to help these women to:

  • Earn and save money
  • Improve their health and well-being
  • Influence decisions in their home and community and
  • Connect to networks for support.

With the skills, knowledge and resources that Women for Women International provide, these women are able to create sustainable change for themselves, their families and their communities.

Since 1993, Women for Women International has helped more than 478,000 marginalized women in countries affected by war and conflict. Right now, they are providing women in eight countries with support, tools and access to life-changing skills that will help them transition from crisis and poverty to stability and economic self-sufficiency.

It’s amazing what is possible when you bring women together in a safe space to learn life, business and vocational skills. Women for Women International provides enrollees with a stipend that enables them to take the time to learn. That investment in these women will reap huge benefits as the women increase their ability to earn an income with new skills that are in-demand, learn about their legal rights and become knowledgeable about health and nutrition. The result: stronger women, stronger families and stronger communities.

At Privai we believe strong women are beautiful women.

The company’s founders, Christina Stratton and Ilana Alberico, believe in the importance of results, integrity and self-care. They come from very different backgrounds and met only by chance, but when Ilana and Christina joined forces, they found a new source of strength.

Their partnership began when they opened Spatheology, the first of their many spas, in Asheville, North Carolina. Next came the creation of Innovative Spa Management, a spa consulting company that leveraged their expertise and passion. Now, with more than 250 employees and 17 spa locations across the country, Ilana and Christina understand more than ever what strong women can accomplish.

They are proud to invest in the future of women in war-torn nations through their support of Women for Women International.

The challenges that women in this country face are much different, but they are no less real. Christina and Ilana are proud to provide innovative spa therapies and naturally inspired skin care products that help these women navigate the frenetic pace and constant demands of our society.

Every woman deserves the chance to be her best, to explore health and wellness to dream.  As busy working professionals, wives, mothers, caretakers and so much more, Ilana and Christina understand the importance of helping women carve out the time and space for self-care.  In creating Privai, they wanted to offer an approach to skincare that would provide busy women with the benefits of a spa visit – in a bottle. Their expertise, their passion for the efficacy of essential oils and their respect for women and nature the world over have helped to make their dream a reality.

From specialty face and body oils to skin brightening serums and from clay masques to gentle foaming cleansers, Privai offers women the benefits of exceptional professional face and body skin care tied to the evocative scents and sensations of a revitalizing spa visit.

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