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Allure Beauty digital deputy beauty director Sophia Panych incorporates Privai into her daily anti-aging routine. She writes: “I started thinking more about anti-aging over the past two years. It wasn’t necessarily adding more powerful ingredients into my routine, but just making sure that I was moisturizing really well, day and night, adding eye cream into the mix, and being extremely diligent about sunscreen.”

Why she started: “I don’t like to think of it as anti-aging, but more along the lines of keeping my skin healthy and in top shape, the same way I do with my body, and making sure it’s getting what it needs to stay fit. The person who got me to start taking better care of my skin was facialist Vicki Morav. Her holistic approach to skin care really hit a nerve with me, and I started being more aware of what I was putting on my face.”

Here are her Privai essentials:

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