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Our naturally inspired face and body skin care products are used in exclusive hotel and resort spas around the country. 

When was the last time you enjoyed a great girls getaway? If you think leaving your guy behind when you head off for some fun with your friends is a mistake, think again. “Separate vacations don’t have to mean your lives are going in separate directions,” says GalTime.com blogger Laura Seldon in The Truth About Taking Separate Vacations on the Huffington Post.  “According to relationship expert April Masini, the old saying ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder,’ is typically true for most of us.

“A week apart once a year is not going to ruin your relationship — it’s going to make a healthy relationship stronger,” Masini told Seldon. “You’re also setting a good example for kids that you can have a romantic relationship with independence built in.”

So call your gal pals and start making plans for a great getaway that includes spa time at one of the fabulous spas using Privai’s exceptional line of naturally inspired skin care products!

We are launching a Privai Wellness + Spa in Orlando so maybe we feature the opening of a new Privai Spa.

Can’t get away right now? We understand! Sometimes the more you need a vacation, the harder it is to take one. Fortunately, with Privai naturally inspired face and body skincare, you can enjoy a spa-in-a-bottle!

  • Let the Chamomile Flower, Azulene and healing Green Tea in our Aqua Face Gel soothe you.
  • Enjoy the invigorating combination of Jojoba Oil, Green Tea, calming Lavender and energizing Verveine in Privai Bath & Body Oil as you soak in an aromatic, therapeutic atmosphere.
  • Whether you choose the Phyto Clay Masque or Aqua Face Gel Masque, a Privai masque for the face can lead to a renewing time out.

Be beautiful, be well and be inspired!

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