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Post-Summer Sunshine Guide


Post-Summer Sunshine Guide

Fall isn’t just lovely for its perfectly crisp temperatures — it also provides a season of repair from the harsh summer sun. It’s an easy transition, and

we’re here to eliminate any confusion with our Post-Summer Sunshine Guide.

Give yourself a gentle scrub-down with our Rice Flower Polish, a blend of salicylic acid and rice bran to gently slough away surface-level debris.

As the temps drop, include a powerful anti-aging hydrator like our Advanced Hyaluronic with Matrixyl 3000™ — a non-greasy, anti-aging moisturizer

that increases cellular renewal and rejuvenates collagen production.

Kojic acid in our Skin Brightening Serum repairs summer skin damage, like hyperpigmentation and discoloration. Treat the appearance of sun-stressed

skin and protect from free-radical environmental damage.

Smooth on a light eye cream like our Lifting Eye and Lip Complex before bed to reduce puffiness or fine lines. Hydrating shea butter and cell-renewing

vitamin A reduce fine lines and wrinkles and nourish the thin skin of the eye and lip area.

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