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We haven’t been snooping (promise!), but we’re willing to bet that you have some organic produce in your refrigerator. Maybe you have some natural cleaning products under the sink or in the laundry room. We’re not mind readers; we just know that if you understand and appreciate the benefits of the organic skin care products, the chances are good that you have other natural and organic products around your house. 

Do you enjoy a cup of organic fair-trade coffee after your morning skincare routine? (And do you have enough of our gentle foaming cleanser?) Do you put organic grapes in the kids’ lunch boxes? 

But what about your evening routine? When the sun goes down, work is done for the day and the kids (whether they have two legs or four!) are in bed, do you enjoy a little relax time with a beverage before you treat yourself to a nourishing skin care masque or skin brightening serum? You might have a variety of natural herbal teas in your cupboard, but what do you have in your wine rack?  


As Naturally Savvy reminds us, red wine can be good for your health. They also warn us that it can also contain contaminants, gluten and sulfites. “Studies continue to prove that resveratrol, an antioxidant found in red wine, protects against cancer, heart disease, is anti-aging and may even extend your lifespan. There may be a few surprises hiding under the cork, however,” they report. “Incidental ingredients like pesticides, allergens and animal proteins may be contaminating your wine.”

Naturally Savvy reported on findings from The Environmental Working Group (EWG), a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting human health and the environment that empowers people with research and education. 

“The Environmental Working Group detected pesticides on 86 percent of the imported grapes they surveyed, and 77 percent of grapes were contaminated with two or more pesticides,” Naturally Savvy says. “Closer to home, most California wine grape growers rely on chemicals: Almost 21 million pounds of pesticides were applied on California grapes in 2003 according to the Pesticide Action Network (PAN).”

Even organic wine comes with certain cautions. “Notwithstanding the reported benefits of red wine, alcohol can impact the liver, raise estrogen levels affecting hormones, and has been linked to cancer,” Naturally Savvy points out.  And, of course, you should always drink responsibly.

Whatever you put in it, we hope your glass always looks half full (at least!). And we hope that you continue to care for yourself – inside and out. If you would like personalized suggestions on the best body care products for you or have questions about any of the botanically inspired natural skin care products we offer, please contact us. Cheers!

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