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Ah, spring! Sunny skies, jaunty daffodils and, for lots of folks, sniffing and sneezing. If you are among those who suffer from seasonal allergies, it’s time to stock up on antihistamine. While you’re at it, you may want to add some nourishing products for your skin to your allergy survival kit.  

If you’re busy battling itchy eyes, a runny nose or a wicked sinus headache, it can be hard to notice some of the more subtle symptoms that may be associated with your seasonal allergies, like dry, red, irritated or itchy skin.

Spring allergies are a result of the pollen from all those lovely trees and grasses that are once again turning green as well as the dust and mold that may be stirred up now that everything isn’t frozen solid. When inhaled by someone who is allergic to them, they trigger the release of histamines.

When you stop and think about it, though, it’s easy to see that those irritants come into contact with more than your eyes and nose.  If you have allergies, your skin might become irritated when it comes in contact with dust, pollen and other allergens.


Prevention magazine offered some tips for Skin Care for Spring Allergies.

  • To protect your face from possible irritation, they recommend using a daily serum that will “strengthen skin’s top layer and keep allergens from penetrating.” They also quoted New Orleans dermatologist Mary Lupo, MD, who said, “Wash your face as soon as you get home so allergens don’t sit on skin.”
  • If allergies have you blowing your nose throughout the day, your poor nose can get red and sore. Dr. Lupo told Prevention, “Much of the redness you’re experiencing is probably due to dryness.” So, in addition to the softest tissues you can find, you’ll want to use a good moisturizer.
  • Do your allergies make your eyes itch? “Rubbing can darken skin over time,” Dr. Lupo told Prevention. Their advice: “Reduce salt intake, drink more water, and sleep on your back to prevent bags.” And, of course, use an eye cream that can help fight dark circles.

If you would like to know which Privai products are best for your skin type – and your allergies –contact us.

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