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Make the best skin care products part of your best life

Life is so hectic and fast-paced these days, it can be easy to get caught up in a mindless routine. You’re probably thinking about a million different things while you’re brushing your teeth or cleansing your face at the end of a busy day.

You may think you’re using your time effectively when you multitask – whether you’re thinking about who to invite to your child’s birthday party while you floss or drafting an email while you’re on a phone conference – but research has shown that we’re not nearly as good at keeping all those balls in the air as we think we are.

You may tell yourself that you are taking care of yourself, but are you really? Has your skincare routine become exactly that – a routine, with no thought behind it? Are you just going through the motions? When was the last time you gave serious consideration to the face and body skin care products you are using and their ability to meet your current skincare needs? Are you using the kind of nourishing products your skin needs and deserves?

When was the last time you focused on yourself and what might be best for you?

Mindfulness can be thought of as the art of focusing your attention. Your focus can be on something as elemental as your breath, as you might do when meditating, or on something that requires your best efforts, like a presentation.

“Mindfulness is really the skill of paying attention and focusing intentionally on something for an extended period of time,” says Dr. Teri B. Pipe, PhD, RN, director of nursing research and innovation at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona.

For many years, the Mayo Clinic has offered integrative therapies as part of a patient’s treatment plan. “The benefits of these approaches are primarily in managing symptoms, for example, helping people with medical conditions to feel better by reducing fatigue, pain and anxiety,” they explain.

With mindfulness training, Dr. Pipe says, “We start out using that focus in various ways and helping people adopt that skill so that it really begins to translate into their everyday living. An example of that might be the mindfulness of breathing, so we teach people to really bring their attention and focus to their breath, each breath at a time and then we also do meditation and mindful walking, some mindful movement and mindful eating as well.”

Among other things, training in mindfulness and meditation can be extremely effective in reducing stress, which can lead to or exacerbate a variety of medical conditions, ranging from heart disease to insomnia. Mindfulness training can also help you live your life with more meaning.

“The kind of job that I do and that a lot of people do these days can get to be stressful and you’re multitasking all the time. So, to learn how to slow that down, to learn how to calm yourself down was something that I’m always working on and striving to do,” says Susanna B. Murphy, RN, Mayo Clinic in Arizona.

At Privai, we believe that living a mindful life can lead to a more beautiful way of life. We encourage you to set aside time to focus on yourself. And we encourage you to review your self-care routine. Make sure you’re using the best skin care and body care products – for your sake and the sake of the world around us. We invite you to discover naturally inspired skin care products from Privai that draw on consciously sourced, botanically based, results-driven ingredients that speak to the essence of mindful living.

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