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Happy World Wellness Weekend!

Meditating Woman on a dock

Happy World Wellness Weekend!

Wellness means giving yourself permission to take time to care for yourself and to not feel guilty
for stepping back from all the demands of life for only a moment.

Wellness is radical self-care — the foundation of self-love itself. It’s about mindfulness and rest,
observing our inner landscape, and making the changes necessary to be happy. How can we
help the world if we barely have the stamina to get through the day?

Privai was founded upon the belief that we deserve “spa in a bottle” skincare products designed
for accessible luxury relaxation, to give everyone an opportunity to get quiet and check-in with
themselves. If our communities rejuvenate their minds, bodies, and souls, the world will simply
be a much better place.

​​How do you incorporate wellness into your life? Tell us at @Privai.

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