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Ok, we admit it. We may know all about natural skin care products, but we did not know that September was International Women’s Friendship Month. Now that we do, you better believe we are going to be celebrating! Why? Because everything at Privai –– our entire line of face and body skin care products – grew out of a friendship between two very special women. 


Christina Stratton first became interested in the spa industry and the possibilities inherent in nourishing skincare products when she was touring with her former girl pop group, i5. While continuing her music career as a professional song writer in Los Angeles, she kept learning about the spa industry and about natural skincare products.

Ilana Alberico, on the other hand, grew up in the mountains of North Carolina. Her family trusted nature to heal their ills. Lavender treated their burns; eucalyptus rubs eased congestion. Ilana’s knowledge of natural remedies planted a seed (see what we did there?!). As she grew up, she became interested in other holistic practices, including massage. Before long, she was on her way to a successful career in the spa industry. 


Christina and Ilana met by chance in 2005. Soon, they joined forces, opening Spatheology – the first of what would be their many spas – in the heart of downtown Asheville, NC. Within 10 years, their spa consulting company, Innovative Spa Management, would become one of the most sought-after spa management firms in the nation.

The demands of running a successful company with more than 250 employees and 17 spa locations on top of their responsibilities to their families and friends led the friends to the realization that women needed a “spa in a bottle.” They distilled their expertise in wellness, natural healing and spa therapies into a line of nourishing products for face and body skin care. 

That is how Privai was born! From our gentle foaming cleanser to our skin brightening serum, Privai continues to produce the best body care products and natural skincare products possible. And Ilana and Christina continue to grow as businesswomen and friends. Happy International Women’s Friendship Month!

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