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Happy first day of Spring! Do some spring cleaning by swapping out winter products for fresh spring must haves.

1. Gently exfoliate dry skin off: the winter air wreaks havoc on our skin because the humidity level outside drops, which makes the water in our skin evaporate more quickly. Exfoliate to reveal healthy, smooth and glowing skin underneath. Our Rice Flower Polish scrubs away flaky skin to smooth and brighten your face.

2. Swap out the heavy moisturizers: as the temperature rises. heavy moisturizers can clog your pores. Swap them for lighter moisturizers and facial oils. If your skin gets oily in the warmer months try using our lightweight Matte Moisturizer.

3. Reach for products with SPF: as days get brighter, one of the best anti-aging tricks is to protect sun exposure. Apply a lotion or foundation with sunscreen to increase your sun protection.

4. And be sure to continue your selfcare thrugh skincare by getting regular facials at your favorite spa. Visit a Privai Spa Partner. Click here to locate a Privai Spa.

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