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2022 The Year of You

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2022 The Year of You

Privai Wants to Celebrate YOU This Year!

2022: the year to prioritize your well-being by pursuing what brings you peace of mind, grounds you, and makes you feel like your best self, ready to take on the world. 

This might look like indulging in a long, steaming hot bath with extra bubbles before bed at night, treating yourself to a facial, massage, or manicure at Privai | Spa + Salon on your day off, or creating your own perfect spa-day-at-home with Privai nourishing botanicals on a Saturday afternoon. However happiness looks on you, it’s crucial to not only define it but actively seek it. 

Self-care is never selfish. There’s merit to the old saying: “you can’t drink from an empty cup.” Similarly, you can’t love or care for other people—if you don’t first love and care for yourself. Self-care is a healthy practice that can illuminate your day and make life brighter. 

That’s why we’re declaring 2022 as the year of YOU: the year to develop a healthy relationship with yourself—an opportunity to put your needs first, so you can help others and balance responsibilities with strength and resiliency.

Keep an eye on our social media for insightful tips on how to care for the body, mind, and self in 2022, from ISM Spa & Privai’s co-founder herself, Christina Stratton.

Privai | Spa + Salon

It’s 2022—the year of you and our premier spa is just the place to reconnect to yourself. 

At Privai | Spa + Salon, we are dedicated to enhancing one’s whole well-being, through personalized services and world-class spa experiences, customized to meet each individual’s unique needs.

We invite you to explore our relaxing space, from salon and beauty services to therapeutic body treatments, nutrient-rich Privai facials, and rituals developed for the ultimate spa day, AKA the ultimate “you day.”

Don’t live in the DMV area? That’s okay. Privai “spa in a bottle” skincare products were created to bring accessible luxury relaxation into your home, so you can serve your body, mind, and sense of self whenever you need it most.

Introducing…Wellness Wednesday

Sometimes it helps to dedicate a day of the week to your well-being. Introducing…Wellness Wednesday, is similar to Self-Care Sunday, but in the middle of the week, in the middle of the grind, when we need to slow down, breathe, and fill up our tanks again with nourishment.

At Privai | Spa + Salon, we’re hosting an exciting calendar of Wellness Wednesday events beginning mid-January and all of February, created to gift you the goods needed to make nurturing your mind, body, and soul as easy and enjoyable as possible.

It’s an opportunity to gather our like-minded spa community and revel in the progress made during 2022: the year of you. Let’s connect together over our shared desire to live our best lives—and allow Wellness Wednesday, the new weekly reminder to check in with yourself, to light the way.

Wellness Wednesday Calendar:

1/19: Year of You: Receive a complimentary spa gift upon arrival at one of our Privai | Spa + Salon locations

1/26: Spa In a Bottle: Enjoy 20% off Privai brand products at any of our Privai | Spa + Salon locations

2/2: Good Vibes: 20% off all Maude brand products in our Privai | Spa + Salon locations

2/9: Sleep Well with Privai: Each purchase of a $100+ Privai Spa Gift Card will receive a special gift with purchase at any of our Privai | Spa + Salon locations

2/16: 365 Days of Self-Care: Receive the ‘gift of self-care’ with our 365 day VIP coin.

Limited availability. 

2/23: Blending Bar: Create your own wellness blend at our Privai blending bar. 

Book A Spa Day At Privai | Spa + Salon

Now it’s time to take the first step in practicing self-care in the new year. Let us treat you with beauty and body rejuvenation at one of our premier Privai locations

nearest you in the DMV area. Explore our open locations here and call to book the ultimate spa day for YOU now that it’s officially 2022!

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