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We’ve been in the spa world for over 10 years, and we love January for the trend reports. It’s an exciting time for spa-goers and beauty lovers. Here are a few trends we look forward to watching grow!

Demanding Natural: More than half of U.S. women say it is important their skin care products are all natural.19 With the growing awareness and demand of natural ingredients by consumers, brands are reacting—companies have been reformulating their “natural” products with an even higher proportion of natural ingredients, according to Kline.”

Beauty Products You Drink: Dozens of companies—from Beauty Chef to Hum Nutrition and Fountain—are making beauty-boosting beverages loaded with the nutrients that help promote a healthy glow from within, or fight acne, or prevent the signs of aging, and more. Many of these elixirs contain superfood ingredients and antioxidants linked to skin health, such as turmeric, probiotics, zinc, and adaptogens like Rhodiola Rosea, and they come in powder form that you just stir into a glass of water.”

We’ll see our homes as sanctuaries. ‘Does it spark joy?’ If it does, keep it. If not, discard it. ‘When you put your house in order, you put your affairs and your past in order, too. As a result, you can see quite clearly what you need in life and what you don’t.’ That simple system is the building block of Marie Kondo’s runaway best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

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